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Vivid colour as the sun sets on the Oxbow. The oxbow is a channel that fills during high water levels in the Kootenay river. The river is very busy with a mix of birds and eagles perched up high above in cottonwood trees. Beaver activity is evident all along the oxbow channel.

Kinnaird Park

Kinnaird park at night just after a fresh snowfall. Amazing contrast between the colour of the playground and the black and white winter landscape of the park.

Kinberry Heights

Kinberry Heights at night in south Castlegar with the snow-covered Monashee mountain range in the background. In the distance the aircraft warning light is flashing on Red Mountain and the headlights of a snowcat are visible as it turns down toward the base of the ski hill.

North Castlegar

The retail district of North Castlegar during a snow storm. The town centre dates back to the foundation of the town site in the early 1900s. Cenataph hill is visible in the distance.
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