A good friend invited me to ski Sunshine Village near Banff Alberta. An amazing experience and my first time skiing the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Up until this day, all of my downhill skiing experience was in trees with the exception of the Blackcomb glacier at Whistler BC. Sunshine is well above the tree line and at an elevation of over 2100 meters (~7200 ft) it was a new experience. A sign post near the top of the run indicates we are at the continental divide! We had good weather for most of the day and the visibility from the peak of sunshine was amazing as shown in the picture. We stopped to take photos and I developed this one to look like a Canadian 2 cent stamp. The photo was taken in January, 2007.

When I was preparing to launch this website I came across this old picture and thought it would make a good site logo. It definitely represents my theme of pictures that tell a story.

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