Nominate a Frontline Worker


A grass roots gift program run out of our workshop. We like to call it “Authentic Kootenay Craft” and we are very happy to be able to make the offer to Frontline Workers.

I’m asking family, friends, and the greater community to help by nominating a worker.

If you are a frontline worker, nominate yourself! It’s a pandemic, no need to wait for someone else to nominate you!

Frontline Worker Gift Offering 

A gift offering for frontline workers. We would like to do our part in recognizing the frontline workers that are looking after us. In addition to following the provincial health officers guidance we would like to offer a token of appreciation.

The gift is a 14″ x 22″ exhibition canvas print reflecting the natural beauty of British Columbia. Many of the images reflect the rugged natural beauty of the greater Kootenay region. A few examples of pictures are included on this page.

Due to positive feedback we are continuing the gift program in 2021. We are accepting nominations. Please submit names via this website or privately on social media.

Sunset over the Arrow Lake

Sunset over the Arrow

Amazing colour during a sunset over the Lower Arrow Lake. I was excited when I found this vantage point and capture the image just as the sun was setting.

I recall the light was fading and it was getting dark under the canapy of the forest. I was by myself, and it was a long journey into the forest with little to no view of the lake below. After checking the time I gave myself another 15 minutes before turning around when I found this opening in the forest.

Oglow's Crossing

Oglows Crossing

A good friend gave me the tip that the vibrant green forest, that lines the rail line,  would make a nice backdrop for a picture of a train.

The train schedule is loose and it took three days before I captured the picture. I received great support from people that stopped to offer words of encouragement even on the days that I stood there hopefull while the train had allready passed. It just felt good to talk to people.

Comet Neowise above Castlegar

The comet Neowise was visible for a few nights over Castlegar. I was fortunate to capture this image on a very clear night. The comet and its tail are bright in the night sky above Castlegar.

Robson Bridge

Stars and Street Lights

All the stars were out on this summer evening. Aside from two guys casting and the fish jumping the Columbia river was calm on this night. The water created a dreamy mirror reflection of the Robson bridge’s street lights.

To capture the refection on the water I was standing at the river’s edge, close enough that I stepped in the river by mistake in the darkness.

At one point, the fisherman just down from me asked if my fishing line was floating downstream in front of him. In the darkness I let him know I was not fishing, just there for the pictures.

Renata Natural Arch

Stone Arch

The Renata Natural Arch is a great example of the natural rugged beauty that defines the area. The natural stone arch is large standing over 100ft high and ~150 ft wide.

Under the arch the broken rock that is the path is steep and sluffing. We relied on the exposed roots to keep our balance and reach the destination at the base of a waterfall.

This image provides a glimpse of the the vibrate and lush foliage inside the arch that surounds  the waterfall.  Through the opening in the arch the Arrow lake is visible with the Selkirk mountain range in the distance.

Boat Launch

Boat Launch at Sunrise

I started out first thing in the morning with the a plan to capturing an image of the Robson boat launch at sunrise. As the sun was rising the forest across the river lite up and created a vivid reflected in the river.

I took several pictures on this morning looking up and down the river and this is one of the last pictures before the sun was too bright for my camera lens.

Beauty of Moscow

Beauty of Moscow

This lilac bush is a Russian/ French cross noted for it’s unique colour and fragence. It has pink buds with double white flowers that have a pale pink blush. The lilac blooms in late spring for a very short period of time.

I planted this lilac bush over ten years ago. Long before I started taking a serious interest in photography. I was happy to capture this image this year as I missed the opportunity last year. The bush blooms for a while but the window for a photo is short.

Country Road

Country Road

This road is near my neighborhood and I was passing by one day and noticed the light streaming down through the forest canapy. When I returned with my camera this nice dog was back at his usual post watching the people pass by.

I waited until late afternoon when the light had softened a little and I was still able to capture the streaming light and the many shades of green. Of all the country roads in the area I though this one had just the right balance of country.

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